Our feline lobby will be closed until further notice for repairs. We will continue to see our feline patients, but ask that you check-in at our canine lobby. Thank you for your attention as we continue to update you on hospital hours and closures over the next few days. 
Our urgent care facility is closed April 5th. We are open for regular hours from 7:30 AM - 5 PM for other services.

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What Does Being a Veterinary Technician Mean to You?


Post tech week thoughts….

As I reflect on National Veterinary Technician week, I am truly overwhelmed by the knowledge and compassion of my colleagues. “I could never do that job,” is something that I hear frequently when I describe my duties to people who do not work in the veterinary field, yet these incredible individuals at Smith Veterinary Hospital couldn’t imagine themselves doing anything else. Every technician at our hospital goes through a rigorous training program and is skilled in every aspect of the position. Each day we work as anesthesiologists, phlebotomists, pharmacists, surgical assistants, dental hygienists, x-ray technicians, record keepers, poop scoopers, and a calming touch to every patient.

When asked to describe their favorite part of the job, it is clear that each technician has their own area of special interest. “I love monitoring anesthesia,” Pearl gushes without hesitation. “Being responsible for my patient’s life during surgery is an incredible privilege.” Jenna explains that patient nursing care is her favorite part of the day-to-day operations. “I love working with my patient and helping them feel better,” she tells me with a smile. After chatting with most of the staff, the consensus was that our overall passion is being advocates for our patients. Ensuring that they are calm, comfortable and receive the utmost care are our reasons for coming to work each day. So, please know when your pet is in the hospital, it’s being cared for as if it were one of our very own.


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